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I first saw a live ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Carnegie Institute in the US in 1975. The impact was so moving that I actually wept like a child. Over the years, I forgot all about it. Then, when I began to visit the London branch of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for my regular Kathak workshops, I had the opportunity to interact with tap dancers and flamenco dancers. At workshops at Vancouver University, I saw movements that were similar to Kathak. I had heard of King Lear and The Tempest having been done through Kathakali. Then later, I saw Romeo and Juliet at Covent Garden when my students there gifted me with a 35 pounds ticket to watch the play. I began to question myself, why not do this in Kathak? And so, Romeo and Juliet was born in Kathak ballet for the first time in the world.

Saswati Sen speaking to Trans World Features on her passion,

Romeo & Juliet in Kathak.

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