Saswati has played a very vital role in expanding her work as teacher, choreographer, scholar – outside Delhi as also abroad. She has been very popular as a teacher in USA, London, Canada, Australia and has been teaching regularly since 1980.

Her commitment in developing standards of Kathak in the more remote areas in India, has motivated her to conduct workshops and master classes in Agartala, North Bengal, Assam, Lucknow, Jamshedpur, Bhopal besides Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kota, Jaipur among others.

She has also choreographed several short and major productions for students in the several workshops in India and abroad.

Her leadership in motivating young minds, has also created several popular events – such as the ‘Walk for Art’ in Delhi and Mumbai and camps in music-dance-painting, so as to establish the co-relation of the fine arts; quiz competitions for school-going students and panel discussions for teachers and performers sharing their various experiences. 

Saswati has also been designing programmes wherein several dance forms and other media share the stage together and bring out their individual and collective spirit.










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